Part2: More Lies from Dateline – MJEOL Bullet #192-B

Part 2: More Lies from Dateline as 1993 Shysters Resurface – MJEOL Bullet #192-B What Dateline NBC Didn’t Tell You In part two of this report concerning what Dateline didn’t tell you about the 1993 Jackson “case”, we pick up with new information about Victor Guiterrez and his close ties to Dateline NBC.

It has also been revealed that Victor Guiterrez was a “consulting producer” for the defamatory Dateline report, as you can see from a screenshot here of Dateline’s credits.

For the record, Gutierrez is the loser who was successfully sued by Jackson for claiming there was a videotape of Jackson molesting a kid. This, of course, was a malicious lie. There is some question as to who this “kid” was supposed to be. At one point, it was reported to be the maid’s son, Blanca Francia.

More Lies from Dateline as the 1993 Shysters Resurface- MJEOL Bullet #192

More Lies from Dateline as 1993 Shysters Resurface – MJEOL Bullet #192 What Dateline NBC Didn’t Tell You Since Dateline NBC has taken it upon itself to further taint the jury pool by dredging up mythical alleged “victims” from the 1990s, maybe we all need to think about why this is airing now, and what they aren’t telling the public.

The desperation tactic predicted months ago was that once the prosecution and prosecution-sympathizers started heavily pushing unfounded lies from the 93 “case” onto the public, that’s a sign that this current “case” is in very serious trouble. Well, here comes the ‘93 barrage.

Thus, the question is what has imploded with this current “case”? Could this be a pre-emptive strike to take attention off of the current accuser’s mother set to testify September 17 2004? Is this the DA’s PR firm hard at work to combat an impending crisis with the DA’s office or the Sheriff’s Department?

Josh Mankowitz has taken his career into the palm of his hands and put Dateline NBC—not known for their factual Jackson reports—on the line as well. They have given a platform to a group of peripheral players who thrive in chaos and who are masters at spreading unfounded and groundless garbage.

A number of the ghosts from 1993 have made claims of having a “strong case” back then. Not true. They claim there was “evidence” in 1993. Not true. They claim there was more than one accuser in 1993. Not true.

Sneddon has History of Prosecutorial Misconduct? MJEOL Bullet #190

Sneddon has History of Prosecutorial Misconduct? 3-Part MJEOL Bullet #190 In the face of prosecutors now trying desperately to convict Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion, there seems to be a developing story surrounding the current Santa Barbara district attorney’s propensity to level criminal charges and allegations against attorneys who, some say, are in the way of a case he’s attempting to prosecute.

The DA’s office apparently has a history of ruining the reputations, practices, and lives of attorneys and others, who they deem as preventing them from pursuing a case. Just last week, prosecution sympathizer and tabloid reporter Diane Dimond made claims on Court TV’s Crier Live that her sources say prosecutors are inclined towards bringing attorney Mark Geragos into this conspiracy charge against Jackson.

This is a “case” where prosecutors seem to be leveling criminal allegations at any and everyone who was around Jackson to witness the “manipulative” and threatening behavior of the accuser’s mother.

As dubious as Dimond’s sources have proven to be, what if there is some semblance of truth to what she and her sources are claiming? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the current district attorney, “cronies” in tow, have attempted to prosecute and/or ruin the reputations of a lawyer he sees as standing in the way of them getting what they want.

NBC’s Dateline Continues to Pound Jackson – showBIZdata

NBC’S DATELINE CONTINUES TO POUND JACKSON Friday, September 3 2004 ——————————————————————————– NBC Dateline reporter Josh Mankiewicz, who has sometimes appeared to TV critics as a mouthpiece for the prosecution in the Michael Jackson case, is expected to report on the magazine program tonight (Friday) that Jackson paid $2 million to Continue Reading

Melville Defies Appeals Court, Denies Bail Reduction Again– Bullet #189 UPDATE#2

Melville Defies Appeals Court, Denies Bail Reduction Again – MJEOL Bullet #189 Update#2 First, the judge in the Michael Jackson “case” allows prosecutors to violate the gag order without any repercussions. Now he’s thumbed his nose at the Appeals Court by continuing to deny the reduction of Jackson’s unconstitutional $3M bail.

In his August 31 ruling, Judge Rodney Melville uses further speculation about everything from the 1993 “case”, to Jackson’s alleged “similar ties” to places all over the world.

Some observers say this is completely ridiculous and should require a higher court to step in again to finally resolve this issue. The Court of Appeals has already remanded the bail reduction ruling back to Melville’s court and requested him to show why he still hasn’t reduced Jackson’s bail in accordance with the law.

Where is Melville getting his reasoning? If I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have thought I was reading a motion from the prosecution.