Defense Rebukes Unlawful Raid on Personal Asst – MJEOL Bullet #206

Defense Rebukes Unlawful Raid on Personal Asst – MJEOL Bullet #206 In newly released court documents stamped September 29 2004, Michael Jackson’s attorneys state that the search of Jackson’s personal assistant was overbroad, an invasion of the defense camp and blatant trampling on Jackson’s rights.  They say that the information seized—including three folders labeled “Mesereau” and a fax to Tom Mesereau—is protected by attorney-client privilege.  Not to mention many items that were taken which fall outside the scope of the search warrant.

This motion came just days before Jackson’s attorneys filed a motion yesterday (Oct 4 2004) to have the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office thrown off this “case”.  That motion was filed under seal by attorney Robert Sanger.  More on that in upcoming news.

The defense’s Motion to Suppress Materials Seized Pursuant to Search Warrant Number 5135 show that prosecutors and police just can’t seem to keep their grubby little hands (and eyes) off of the defense’s work product.

The raid on Jackson’s personal assistant, whose name is redacted from the motion, occurred at her home where she “administers the business and personal affairs for Mr.  Jackson out of the office at her residence”.

She has been Jackson’s personal assistant for nearly 14 years.  The office is a part of her home but everything related to MJJ Productions is maintained in the office area.