Prosecutors Wanted Defense to Help Convict Jackson? – MJEOL Bullet #213

Prosecutors Wanted Defense to Help Convict Jackson? – MJEOL Bullet #213 Did you know that prosecutors in the Michael Jackson “case” actually asked the defense to give them any incriminating evidence they thought the defense had against Jackson? No, that’s not a typo or a misunderstanding. It’s called a Sanchez motion and it was filed almost a year after police ransacked Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The motion was denied, of course, but it brought up another issue about whether prosecutors are desperate enough to even claim the defense has an obligation to give them “inculpatory evidence.” For the record, inculpatory evidence (incriminating) is the opposite of exculpatory evidence (showing innocence). But the real problem is that there looks to be no incriminating evidence and prosecutors can’t find any. Not even after their over 100 search warrants. Yeah, there have been over 100 search warrants issued in this “case”. So they actually asked Judge Melville to make the defense give them some imagined incriminating evidence. Prosecutor Gerald Franklin—who is currently being sued, along with Sneddon and others, in federal court for $10M by attorney Gary Dunlap—writes that he is “certain the defense has possession of relevant and potentially inculpatory evidence which they have not tendered to the court.” Yes, he’s actually serious.

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