Judge Again Allows Prosecutors to Invade Defense Camp – MJEOL Bullet #216

Judge Again Allows Prosecutors to Invade Defense Camp – MJEOL Bullet #216 False stories around Miko Brando and fan rallies pushed by the media thanks to wild speculation from the prosecution Inexplicably the current judge in the Michael Jackson case has AGAIN allowed prosecutors to get away with essentially stealing, some say, privileged information from the defense team. In late September 2004 police served a search warrant on Jackson’s personal assistant in which they took information, papers, and folders labeled “Mesereau”. Yes, September 2004, almost a year after the original Neverland raid. Most observers call this an obvious violation of attorney-client privilege. However this judge, Rodney Melville, does not seem to think that these prosecutors can do any wrong. He has once again ok’ed an obviously illegal search in this case. The first involved Bradley Miller, the P.I. hired by then Jackson attorney Mark Geragos. It seems that as late as September 2004, prosecutors still did not know where Jackson was from February-March 2003, and they raided the personal assistant’s office to try to find out. Jackson’s defense team says that the search did violate attorney-client privilege and sheriff’s deputies actually used a lousy excuse of only going through “a few pages” of that information before sealing it. Some familiar with police procedure have expressed doubts about this excuse.