Defense Discusses Different Stories Told by Accusing Family – MJEOL Bullet #218

Defense Discusses Different Stories Told by Accusing Family – MJEOL Bullet #218 Jackson’s defense team rips into the various stories the accusing family told various authorities Nov 9 2004 There was a late hearing yesterday (Nov 8 2004) in the Michael Jackson “case”, which began at around 2:00PM PST and lasted approx. 2 hours say sources. Jackson’s attorneys were arguing about information in relation to what prosecutors have yet to turn over to the defense. Observers inside the courtroom say that items of discussion included “emails, correspondence, [and] chronologies (time frame)” that the accusing family gave to prosecutors outlining their testimony of events. There could be huge discrepancies regarding what the accusing family first told prosecutors and what they testified to in the grand jury. All of which is in direct conflict with what they were saying at the time they now claim to have been “kidnapped/abducted” and “held” at Neverland. The defense wanted these specific items in order to “show that the Doe family” changed their story, thus committing perjury. The perjury comes in because, as reported months ago, Jackson’s attorneys have signed and sworn affidavits from the accusing family saying that absolutely nothing untoward has ever happened between any of them and Michael Jackson. There also could be a significant different from what the family initially told police in June 2003 to what they ended up telling the grand jury months later. All of which, again, directly conflicts to what they told investigative agencies during the Feb 2003 – April 2003 period. Some observers speculate that because of the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) investigation—not to mention the first two-month investigation launched in Feb 2003 by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department (SBSD)—Jackson’s attorneys didn’t want to take any chances and may have wanted documented evidence/testimony from the accusing family as well.