Jackson’s Finances Topic of Nonsensical Discussion – MJEOL Bullet #223

Jackson’s Finances Topic of Nonsensical Discussion – MJEOL Bullet #223 Recent reports speculate about Jackson’s finances with conflicting and contradictory information It wasn’t a shock that self-proclaimed Jackson know-it-all and Fox reporter Roger Friedman is out, again, with another article professing to know details of Jackson’s personal finances. He and other reporters have been riding this story into the ground for at least the past two years, alleging everything from ‘Jackson is on the very of bankruptcy’ to ‘Jackson will sell Neverland any day now’. None of these pipe dreams from those mired in the cesspool of inaccurate information have come to fruition. They also seem to sidestep the fact that none of their claims have come true to date by finding a mythical savior that always seems to swoop into Jackson’s life just in time to save him from bankruptcy…until the next resurrection of their “Jackson is broke” series of articles. How convenient. That’s why the recent article from Friedman, and assertions from former leeches, come as no surprise to those who have heard the claims before. The desire to be the one to say ‘I told you so’ of course is overshadowed by one simple fact: Jackson’s finances are simply none of our damn business.