Prosecutors Whining After Obtaining Numerous Search Warrants – MB #225

Prosecutors Whining After Obtaining Numerous Search Warrants – MJEOL Bullet #225 After reportedly obtaining 100 search warrants, now prosecutors want the judge in limit the defense’s access to material to defend their client In court documents released November 19 2004, the prosecution is asking judge Rodney Melville to stop the defense from requesting relevant material about the accusing family. Earlier the judge granted the defense’s Teal motion. The motion allows the defense to subpoena and talk to witnesses without prosecutors knowing. Prosecutors are now actually claiming that the defense has “grossly abused the process of the court in issuing subpoenas duces tecum in this case, both by seeking information that could not possibly lead to evidence relevant to his defense” and violating constitutional rights to privacy. (Pg 2 of motion) These preposterous statements are coming from prosecutors who have obtained between 90 and 100+ search warrants in this “case” against Jackson. Talk about invasion of privacy! Some case observers are absolutely astonished that these search-warrant-happy prosecutors would now complain about Jackson’s attorneys wanting to know more information about the accusing family’s past.