Pt. 3: Explosive Revelations about Accusing Family – MJEOL Bullet #227

Pt. 3: Explosive Revelations about Accusing Family – MJEOL Bullet #227
More about the breaking of the Court’s order and the accusing family in constant contact with someone while they were allegedly being “held” at Neverland

We pick up with Part Three of this special MJEOL Bullet detailing recently released court documents (docs) with revelations of the accusing family.

Part two discussed some new information revealed by the Santa Barbara News-Press (SBNP) concerning a previous lawsuit filed by the family against JC Penneys department store. During that case, the mother alleged specific allegations revolving around sex abuse allegations, threats, and gynecological records.

At one point she claimed she “saw a gynecologist due to irregularities in her menstruating and she was this way because her body was traumatized and ‘every hormone in her body was being released.’ “

The JC Penney report also says there was no evidence confirming this claim made by the accusing mother, according to the SBNP report. There was a question as to whether or not she is claiming similar allegations against Jackson in this “case” as well. And if so, could that be the reason why the defense says these records are relevant?

Jackson attorney Robert Sanger didn’t want to get into the reasoning in open court during a November 29 2004 hearing. Whatever the reason, judging by the declaration of Jackson attorney Brian Oxman in opposition to modify the Teal order, these records appear to be very relevant to this “case”.

Also discussed in part two was the fact that numerous people have already broken the court’s order by first alerting prosecutors that they were subpoenaed and then telling prosecutors the specifics of what the defense was requesting.

The fact of the matter is these prosecutors can complain all they want, but Jackson’s attorneys have already shown the court why the subpoenas are necessary, and the court has agreed with them. During the Nov 29 hearing, the judge refused to take away the defense’s powers as provided to them by Teal.

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