Prosecution Actions Spark Questions about Stability of Case – MB #228 UPDATE

Prosecution Actions Spark Questions about Stability of Case – MJEOL Bullet #228 UPDATE A last-minute collection of DNA, a possible prosecution rift, and dubious stories all conspire to create a most incredulous set of events Prosecutors were back at Neverland Ranch Dec 3 2004 to collect a sample of Jackson’s DNA for what some have speculated is a non-existent “case”. Over a year after Jackson was arrested and almost 2 years after the prosecution’s timeline, they are just now collecting a swab from Jackson’s mouth. Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera got his hands on some exclusive information pertaining to what prosecutors were doing at Jackson’s ranch Friday and Saturday (Dec 3 and 4). Rivera reports that Jackson’s home wasn’t searched or raided per se; nothing was taken from the premises. Rivera also questioned the reasoning and last ditch efforts by these prosecutors. Some legal experts have openly questioned the timing of the latest move by prosecutors, while others find it incredible that they didn’t already get a DNA sample long before now. While some pro-prosecution observers were struggling to try to explain this last-minute gathering of “evidence”, there seemed to be no plausible reason as to why this happened two days before the cut off date to hand over discovery. Rivera says that Jackson voluntarily gave the DNA sample over to prosecutors on Saturday. Erroneous reports have claimed that Jackson refused to cooperate with police.