So-called Fingerprint ‘bombshell’ a Smoking Dud? – MJEOL Bullet #230

So-called Fingerprint ‘bombshell’ a Smoking Dud? – MJEOL Bullet #230 A recent National Enquirer story about fingerprints was swiped by various media outlets and furthered by prosecution leaks. The so-called “bombshell” promised to be “devastating” for Jackson’s “case” and was supposed to be “damning evidence.” What most of these chicken-little reports fail to do is provide an argument that stands up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. That Enquirer report says fingerprints of the accuser were allegedly found on the same adult heterosexual porn magazine taken from Jackson’s house. Besides not knowing whether or not the story is true, no one seems to know when Jackson’s fingerprints were put on the magazine and when the accuser’s fingerprints were put on the magazine. Reports and comments from pundits, who already thought Jackson was guilty before hearing this story, were overly dramatic as expected; proclaiming this as a “smoking gun”. Others however were not impressed with this wannabe “bombshell”. What some of the broadcast news snatchers failed to include in their reporters were questions about the validity of the claims. Other non-prosecution/law enforcement sources have another story to tell. These sources say the accuser and his brother were very “disruptive” at Jackson’s home. Many times they–other children and adults too–were at Jackson’s ranch when Jackson was away, reportedly say sources who were there observing these children. They also report that the accuser, his brother and possibly other children were given free run of Neverland.