Judge Hell-Bent on Jan 31 Date, Pros. Breaking Court orders – MB #232 UPDATE

Judge Hell-Bent on Jan 31 Date, Pros. Breaking Court orders– MJEOL Bullet #232 UPDATE Stinging new court docs released show prosecutors still up to their old tricks while the judge looks the other way While Court TV tries to publicly hang Michael Jackson with lies and speculation before he even steps foot inside a courtroom for a possible trial—doing a hatchet job with reporting the “facts” in the “case” today (Dec 22 2004)–it’s important to note that there have been some incredibly damning court documents (docs) and other evidence that has made its way to the public about the accusing family. The disgusting ‘guilty until proven guilty’ attitude held by Court TV anchors can’t change the fact that this “case” is full of incredulous allegations which make no sense given the prosecution’s own set of so-called events; not to mention holes in their story the size of the Pacific Ocean. During the December 20 2004 hearing, the public learned that some 70 names on the prosecution’s defective witness list are identical to names on the defense’s witness list. This slashes the speculation from hack-reporters who want to claim that everyone subpoenaed by prosecutors are going to testify against Jackson. In a decision that some “case” observers are openly calling “odd”, “surprising”, and “ridiculous”, the current judge in the Michael Jackson “case” has refused to delay the trial date from January 31 2005. Melville recently signed search warrants on Nov 24 2004, which prosecutors didn’t execute until Dec 3 2004; over a year after raiding Neverland on November 18 2003. Despite those last minute searches—tantamount to invasion of privacy, say the defense—the judge has refused altogether to delay the trial in any way. Most legal analysts had previously said that the defense’s request to delay the trial would be granted because of the prosecution’s last minute scrambling. This can be viewed two ways: Either prosecutors got what they wanted or the judge has essentially called their bluff in face of their declarations of being “ready” to go forward. But the questions being raised now are whether or not this judge is hell-bent on taking this case to trial regardless of the current circumstances around it.

Efren Cruz Writ Decision Jan 2002

Efren Cruz was wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. There were certain police who knew that someone else confessed to the crime but didn’t do anything during Cruz’s trial to bring this fact to light. You can read more about the Cruz case here: http://site.mjeol.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1080 Excepts: (pg 12) Continue Reading