Prosecutorial Misconduct History Could Affect ‘Case’? – MJEOL Bullet #234

Prosecutorial Misconduct History Could Affect ‘Case’? MJEOL Bullet #234 The Jackson “case” isn’t the first one where this DA’s office has been accused of prosecutorial misconduct. And further information may be made public about past settlements, not with Jackson, but with this DA’s office and Santa Barbara sheriff’s department In the face of prosecutors and prosecution-sympathizers trying desperately to convict Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion, there seems to be a developing story surrounding the current Santa Barbara district attorney’s propensity to level criminal charges and allegations against people who, some say, are in the way of a case he’s attempting to prosecute. Renewed speculation of Jackson attorney Mark Geragos being called to testify at a possible trial is running rampant. Some observers have joked that if prosecutors are expecting Geragos to testify against Jackson, that they either must be on something or should have a doctor prescribe something. Prosecutors seem to be seeking to level “conspiracy” charges against everyone who was present to witness the accusing family’s “manipulative” and “threatening” behavior during the prosecution’s timeline in an attempt to keep them from testifying against the accusing family. If that’s now going to include Geragos, then they really must be on something. But there’s an undercurrent of information that is bubbling up to the surface. The DA’s office apparently has a history of ruining the reputations, practices, and lives of attorneys and others, who they deem as preventing them from pursuing a case, say some researchers. For example, months ago prosecution sympathizer and tabloid reporter Diane Dimond made claims on Court TV’s Crier Live that her sources say prosecutors are inclined towards bringing attorney Mark Geragos into this “conspiracy” charge against Jackson. Now the story has changed to Geragos possibly testifying. Some may not know what to make of this Geragos rumor. For all the public knows, it could be the ramblings of a desperate wanna-be-insider using a “lazy” and biased tabloid reporter to further their lies. Or there could be some semblance of truth to it.