Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother? – MB #235

Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother? – MJEOL Bullet #235 The past scams of the accusing family, under the guide of a “Svengali-like” mother, are now catching up with them. This as the more details we hear about the current “case”, the more ridiculous the allegations against Jackson become.

More devastating information concerning the accusing family’s past was revealed recently by Celebrity Justice (CJ). They report that the mother once scammed a paper telling them a sob-story and deceiving them into soliciting donations for “medical bills” that sources say never existed, may have defrauded a number of celebrities including Jackson, and apparently conned the Los Angeles Police Dept. Not one to let negative news about the accusing family circulate in the press without an equal amount of negative Michael Jackson news, prosecutors and/or police have leaked sealed court documents (docs) to the website The docs were sealed by the Court, but apparently that didn’t matter to the leaker at all. However, this leak may have backfired as the docs are now being ripped apart by everyone from legal pundits and “case” observers, to Jackson fans; even the writer for expresses some suspicions about the story the family is trying to float. More on that later. What makes this worse for the family is that Jackson isn’t the first one to whom they told an elaborate story for their own ends. The editor of that conned newspaper, the Mid Valley News, went on the record in an explosive interview in which she detailed the scam. She told the show that the mother talked about how expensive the medical bills were and implored the paper to write a story in which they would ask for donations for the family. Connie Keenan, the editor, says at first the mother asked that the money to be sent directly to her home in her name. Keenan told TV show Celebrity Justice: “She pleaded her case that her son needed all sorts of medical care and they had no financial means to provide it” (see Did Jackson Accuser’s Mom Falsely Solicit Aid for Son’s Treatments?).

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