Pt 2: Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother – MB#235

Pt 2: Past Scams, Nonsensical Claims & a Lying, Controlling Mother – MJEOL Bullet #235 Children tell conflicting stories to the authorities about their father as major bombshells about past conflicting stories are revealed

JAN 9 2005 — There are new reports in the Michel Jackson “case” about police combing Los Angeles looking for someone who may not have even be an accuser; and from 1989 no less. These last minute searches directly conflicts with the prosecution’s previous proclamations in court that they were “ready” to go forward. Obviously that isn’t the case. But while the prosecution is out chasing down false tabloid leads and searching for mythical accusers based on unfounded rumors, they can’t get away from having to deal with the history of the accusing family. We pick up with Part two of this special MJEOL Bullet discussing what some media analysts have openly called “possibly felonious” behavior, and information about other allegations the family has leveled against other people; including their own father. __History catches up with the family__ The public learned that the family already has a history with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). In October 2001, there was a domestic incident between the mother and father which sparked DCFS to get involoved. As a result, LA child services workers (CSW) investigated. According to these documents (docs), at least two CSW met with the children at the home during an unannounced visit when the mother wasn’t present.