Could Jackson Prosecution Evidence Be Compromised? – CJ

[b]Could Jackson Prosecution Evidence Be Compromised?[/b] February 1, 2005 A “Celebrity Justice” Exclusive. As Michael Jackson and potential jurors in his child molestation case arrived in Santa Maria, Tuesday, “CJ” uncovered details of a bombshell development that could bring into question key evidence against the embattled pop star, because the evidence may have been compromised. When deputies raided Jackson’s Neverland ranch in 2003, we’re told they seized a stash of adult material, including one magazine that reportedly had the fingerprints of both Jackson and his accuser on the same page. Judge Rodney Melville has ruled this evidence is fair game in the trial. But there may be a big problem with the evidence, according to “CJ” Executive Producer and attorney Harvey Levin, who told us the “C” word may now take center stage: “contamination.” “Based on what we’ve seen, this evidence may have been compromised,” Levin observed. “We know when this accuser testified before the grand jury he handled these magazines. At one point, one of the grand jurors asked, ‘Have these magazines been fingerprinted?’ And the sheriff said, ‘No.’ That leaves the door wide open for the defense to argue, ‘How do you know when the boy touched the magazine? At Neverland? Or before the grand jury?'”

Day 2 of Jury selection

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