Stupidity Alert: Rivera Attacked for NOT Bashing Jackson – MB #243

Stupidity Alert: Rivera Attacked for NOT Bashing Jackson – MJEOL Bullet #243 In a media filled with opinion, innuendo, and speculation, Rivera is bashed by some because he refuses to buy into this ‘guilty until proven guilty’ nonsense. Feb 7 2005 — In the circus that is the media, you’ll find a number of different characters: from the lion tamers to the tight-rope walkers to the clowns. Well certain “clowns” have taken it upon themselves to criticize Geraldo Rivera for taking a leave of absence from the Big Top. It seems absolutely amazing to some that Rivera’s interview with Michael Jackson has generated so much envy and/or hatred. I extend a welcome to the club of enlightenment to Rivera for his refusal to convict Jackson before trial. Finally, someone in the media isn’t afraid to overtly say that the emperor has no clothes. Or in this situation, Sneddon has no “case”. Ironically, most of that nonsensical hatred is aimed at Rivera by know-nothing reporters who had already publicly convicted Jackson the minute they heard the charges, and who wouldn’t know the first thing about unbiased journalism. We all have our opinions of this case. If Rivera was trashing and bashing Jackson left, right and center, there wouldn’t be so much as a peep of criticism. Some observers have suggested that some in the media, like Court TV, may have invested a lot of money on digging out and pursuing the ‘Jackson is guilty’ angle and they are loathed to relinquish that viewpoint. And anyone who publicly interferes with their crusade, like Rivera, suddenly becomes a target.

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