Outrage over Decision Not to Cite Bashir for Contempt – MiniBullet #6

Outrage over Decision Not to Cite Bashir for Contempt – MiniBullet #6 FEB 24 2005 – The judge in the Michael Jackson “case” has allowed accused blackmailer Martin Bashir to both report on the case AND be a witness in it at the same time. This ridiculous decision has drawn blistering criticism from a number of both pro-defense and pro-prosecution “case” watchers. The judge refused to cite Bashir, whose two programs for ABC were rife with everything from speculative nonsense to defamatory, malicious remarks. The two programs failed to pull in the ratings ABC was hoping for, and caused a number of people to criticize ABC/Bashir even on their own public message boards (see Tempest in a Thimble | and | Jackson Bash-fest a Ratings Loser). Some say Judge Rodney Melville has allowed the “glorified tabloid reporter” get away with breaking the gag order in a way that he certainly wouldn’t have allowed any pro-defense witness to do. Long time Jackson friend and former manager Frank Dileo talked to Carol Davis of thejusticesystem.net about Bashir’s total lack of being held accountable for his role in this “case”. Needless to say, Dileo was outraged. He says inane commentary about Jackson’s wardrobe draws media attention when what they should really be investigating are the decisions being made – or the things being allowed to happen – by the current judge. From a transcript of the Feb 22 2005 show:

FRANK DILEO: This offends every person’s rights. If the press doesn’t pick up on this, or if somebody doesn’t stand up like Al Sharpton or Alan Dershowitz or somebody like that, who knows where this country could be heading. I mean, those reporters out there — there’s gangs of them — standing around reporting on every move: ‘he showed up in an SUV’, ‘he had on a black jacket’, ‘he had on white pants.’ Who cares what Michael’s wearing! You wanna report on that stuff? Go to Joan Rivers on the red carpet. What they should be saying is ‘hey this jury pool might be tainted.’ How did the judge allow Martin Bashir — let that program air? How come he didn’t stop that? How come he didn’t stop Corey Feldman? (see Frank Dileo blasts decision not to cite Bashir for contempt thejusticesystem.net)