Prosecution Pundits Try to Shill for lousy Opening Statement – MiniBullet #7

Prosecution Pundits Try to Shill for ‘lousy’ Opening Statement – MiniBullet #7 Should felons get the benefit of the doubt because the media wants Michael Jackson to be guilty? That question was posed after hearing a number of pro-prosecution sympathizers trying their damnedest, however unsuccessfully, to explain away the family’s felonious behavior and the prosecution’s rocky start. The argument from these people is that even if the family are a bunch of dastardly, conniving extortionists, its still possible Jackson could have molested the accuser…..based solely on their word. Uh, no. Sorry. Con artists who have left a string of scammed celebrities behind them all the way up to Jackson don’t deserve to get a blanketed, unquestioned benefit of the doubt without evidence. On that same token, one could argue that it’s possible the world will end within the next two seconds. That’s doesn’t make it probable. ….1……..2……ah look! We’re still here. It’s possible that George Bush will resign today, but the probability of that happening is non-existent. It’s possible that the NY Post will suddenly become of Nation’s paper of record tomorrow, but the probability is non-existent. So maybe these hack pundits at Court TV and the like need to gain a fundamental understanding of the difference between ‘possibility’ and ‘probability’. And all the excuses in the world won’t be able to save the prosecution from having to rely on the word of people who have lied under oath at least twice already.

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MAJOR BOMBSHELLS – March 1 2005 Update #2

Updates from [b]Pokey[/b] at MJEOL -28 objections in 30 minutes when Bashir was being questioned -Bashir has been required to return to court -Bashir may well be in contempt of court..the Judge is looking into it -On the way out Michael apparently said he was angry

BOMBSHELL galore today from Michael Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau. The following are notes from Court TV reporter Savanna Guthrie, who by the way, is an incredibly marked improvement over simply allowing Diane Dimond to solely cover this trial. Here are some of the things she reported today: (Mez = Thomas Mesereau, Jackson’s attorney) Savanna Guthrie says Jackson found these children rifling through the magazines and was horrified and took the magazines away -Mez says it’s false that Jackson showed these magazines to these kids -Mez says investigators never found any DNA from the accuser or his brother anywhere in Jackson’s bedroom -Mez said none of the alleged co-conspirators are charged. Sneddon objected. -Mez said Ron Konitzer and Deiter Weisner (Germans) came in and tried to insert themselves into Jackson’s business affairs planning to take over -Mez says Jackson gave power of attorney to Konitzer and Weisner, and that they were out there possibly up to no good -says Mez said one of Jackson’s attorneys, David LeGrand, had started an investigation into Konitzer and Weiser — LeGrand is a former securities prosecutor who knows about white collar crimes — LeGrand started investigation to see whether Konitzer and Weisner were stealing money from Jackson -Mez said no sooner did he start the investigation than Konitzer and Weisner talked Jackson into firing LeGrand —says there was an investigation prepared, but not completed -Larry King is connected through Feldman -says Mez said Feldman had lunch with Larry King where Feldman specifically told King the mother wanted money -says Mez says the mother told LA police officers she knew she had until they turned 18 to file a civil suit, so she knew the law :shock Stay tuned to the main topic discussion at MJEOL for up-to-the-minute updates, or to this page for a periodic collection of updates

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Defense Rips into Prosecution Allegations – MJEOL Bullet #249

Defense Rips into Prosecution Allegations – MJEOL Bullet #249 MARCH 1 2005 — Opening statements began yesterday (Feb 28 2005) in what’s looking more and more like a non-existent “case” against Michael Jackson—with the prosecution doing their best to make jurors lose sight of the logic of the allegation and to focus on the salacious quality of the claims. However, by a great number of courtroom accounts, current district attorney Tom Sneddon left many scratching their heads. Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau didn’t mince words during the first part of his opening statement. Even some pro-prosecution media finally had to admit that this family is a family of grifters because Sneddon all but called them such. This realization comes after publicly fighting with the likes of Jackson fans, Geraldo Rivera, Steve Harvey, and a number of outspoken people who have been trying to tell them about this family’s history. A past so assorted and disturbing you would think Martin Bshir would have had a more meaningful “documentary” had he just following this family around for over the course of 8 months. The judge ruled early that the family’s names can be use in open court. Since that ruling, the name ban at MJEOL will be lifted. All of the names of the family have already been published in reports made before this “case” materialized anyway. With that said, Gavin (the accuser), Star (his brother), Davelin (the sister) and Janet Arvizo (also spelled Arviso in some publications) left a very long list of scammed celebs before they hit what they ridiculously thought was the Jackpot. What they may have found instead is a pissed off Jackson, tired of being a media piñata for the past 11 years for something he didn’t do. The reason why this “case” exists may be because this family thought Jackson would roll over and continue to give them everything they wanted. When that cash machine was turned off, voila! Out came these allegations; mysteriously damn near coming to the fore the same way they materialized in 1993: with the help of a lawyer by way of a mandatory reporter, a psychologist (Stan Katz). Was 1993 a blueprint they followed with the help of a greedy lawyer? Among some of the more enormous bombshells include the fact that the mother lied and coached her children to lie under oath in a previous case against JC Penney. The family also had run-ins with everyone from Jay Leno, George Lopez, Jim Carey, and Adam Sandler to Mike Tyson.

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