March 4 2005 Trial Update #3

Sister’s Testimony being Dismantled by Defense MARCH 4 2005 (4:15 PM) — According to reports, the sister’s testimony from yesterday is being dismantled by the defense. Observers say that Tom Mesereau, who is dong the cross examination, is being “gentle but firm”. He has also gotten the girl to make […]

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Vantage Point the Issue under Police Cross-examination – MiniBullet #9

Vantage Point the Issue under Police Cross-examination – MiniBullet #9 Accuser’s brother’s story may be impeached before he even takes the stand MARCH 4 2005 – The accuser’s younger brother, Star Arvizo, couldn’t have possibly saw Michael Jackson molest his brother from the vantage point he claims he saw it, say the defense. This was a huge point brought out by the defense while cross-examining criminologist Al Laughferty (sp?) yesterday (March 3 2005). This, from our observation, was only reported by two reporters – Mike Taibbi (MSNBC) and Savannah Guthrie (Court TV) – although it should have been a headline. The defense reportedly established under cross-examination that the 5’10 tall criminologist may not have had any trouble seeing Jackson’s bed from where the accuser’s brother alleged he witnessed acts of “molestation.” But a considerably shorter person, the height of Star Arvizo at the time, would not have been able to see Jackson’s bed. In other words, given his height, from where Star Arvizo claims he was standing when he “witnessed” alleged “molestation”, it’s not possible to see Jackson’s bed. Guthrie reported on Court TV March 3 2005 that this was a big point made by the defense. From her on-air comments:

GUTHRIE: … Well one of the boy points the defense attorney jury brought up, he said, ‘Well, how tall are you?’ [The officer] said 5’10. [The attorney said] ‘Ok and you shot with [a camera] over you shoulder?’ [He said], ‘Yes’. [The attorney said] ‘So you’re your vantage point and you’re that tall.’ Clearly, the implication being that this might be your bird’s eye view, but the accuser’s younger brother is quite a bit shorter and would not have been able to see it. (see Court TV: Guthrie talks about police cross-examination March 2 2005)
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