Pt 2: 1993 Investigation Not a Problem for Defense? – MJEOL Bullet #254

Pt 2: 1993 Investigation Not a Problem for Defense? – MJEOL Bullet #254 Reports written at the time state that the description given of Jackson’s body by the ’93 accuser did not match photos take of him. This while evidence of ’93 extortion/conspiracy plot is revealed out of the mouth of the accuser’s father Part 2 | Part 1 MARCH 22 2005 — Part 1 ended by talking a bit about how the 1993 settlement seems as if it was funded by an insurance company instead of money directly out of Jackson’s pocket. The media is intent on spinning the entrance of this ’93 information into the stratosphere. They also seemingly spend more time talking about Jackson’s back problem than whether or not the prosecution’s allegation makes sense. Despite pundits’ dooms-day scenarios, this is not a make or break issue in this trial. And some would be shocked if Judge Rodney Melville doesn’t allow it in. And as mentioned in Part 1, the judge initially said he wanted to hear from witnesses from the prosecution before he allowed in the 1993 allegation. Reportedly the defense also requested that they be allowed to call witnesses of their own at this 1108 hearing scheduled for March 28 2005. The judge then changed his mind and said he only wanted to hear arguments from each side and after, he would immediately rule on the admissibility of the allegation. Some have actually called the 1993 settlement a “pay off”. There are others, however, that couldn’t disagree with this terminology more. __’Pay off’, my a$$__ A settlement agreement was finalized in late Jan. 1994, some 5 months after the prosecution/police started investigating Jackson. The nonsensical argument some desperate pundits have given to take the blame off of the prosecution in 1993 is that Jackson “paid his way out of” or “paid off” the ’93 accuser in the civil lawsuit. Because of comments from one of the authors of the Prior Bad Acts law, James Rogan, we know that regardless of what Jackson would have done – whether he settled or not – it would NOT have prevented a criminal case if prosecutors had evidence.