Testimony Turns into a Pile of Garbage on Cross-examination- MB #257

Graphic Testimony Turns into a Pile of Garbage on Cross-examination- MJEOL Bullet #257 Part 1 | Part 2 What other way to give a full view of the witness’s allegation than to have them cross-examined about those allegations? April 7 was an unbelievable day in which jurors heard graphic allegations; allegations thrown into doubt by the actions of the people alleging them. Ralph Chacon and Adrian McManus both testified to either actually witnessing molestation or witnessing “inappropriate behavior” involving Michael Jackson and children. Neither one of these witnesses tried to stop what they claim they witnessed, didn’t call the cops at that time, didn’t quit their jobs and only made these allegations after the 1993 lawsuit was filed against Jackson. That suit was reportedly funded by Jackson’s insurance company, devoid of any admission of guilt whatsoever. The prosecution was obviously hoping to shock the jury so that they would overlook the 1.5 million tons of baggage all of these witnesses so far carry with them. Much has been made by media pundits about the “cumulative effect” of all of these witnesses. Pro-prosecution pundits scream ‘they can’t all be lying!’ Well, yeah, they can all be lying. It’s already happened before. Many of these eye-witnesses-come-lately have been found by independent entities – like another Santa Maria jury – to have defrauded Jackson, stolen from him, and lied under oath in previous depositions.