Mothers Testify While Delusional Media Downplay Defense Bombshells – MB#264

Mothers Testify While Delusional Media Downplay Defense Bombshells – MB #264 Update Two mothers testify that they trust Jackson, while some media pundits seem to have completely lost the plot After their sons testified under oath that Jackson never molested or acted inappropriately with them, the mothers and sisters of both Wade Robson and Brett Barnes took the stand as well. These two, Wade and Brett, are important because they have specifically been named as “victims” by the prosecution. They aren’t children the defense just pulled out of the sky for no reason. Joy Robson and Marie Barnes provided a stark contrast to the three mothers the prosecution put on to testify in their “case”. For the prosecution, it was June Chandler, Blanca Francia and Janet Arvizo. June Chandler hasn’t seen or spoken to her son, Jordan (the 1993 accuser), in 11 years. Blanca Francia sold stories to tabloids, took $20,000 from Hard Copy for an interview, and changed her story during a deposition in 1993 and 1994. Janet Arvizo came off as a complete nut-job, and “escaped” from Neverland numerous times with one of those times being right before she got a body wax paid for by Jackson. I could go on and on about her. Joy Robson testified that she has known Jackson for a very long time and that she’s spent hours talking to him about a number of things. She said of Jackson, “I feel like he’s a member of my family. I trust him with my children,” (see Mothers of two boys testify to deep trust in Michael Jackson). She says that she and her family have visited Jackson’s Neverland ranch about 4 times a year since 1991, but that Jackson himself was only present a handful of times (see Witnesses say no improper sexual activity occurred). J. Robson also says she, too, has logged time in Jackson’s bed. On the stand, she recounted one episode where she and her son spent the day sitting in Jackson’s bed, with Jackson, watching cartoons and eating popcorn.