Ranieri Hears JC Penney Sex Abuse Alleg. for 1st Time in Depo – MB#273

Ranieri Hears JC Penney Sex Abuse Alleg. for 1st Time in Depo – MB#273 A shocked Ranieri heard sex abuse claims leveled against JC Penney guards from the mother for the first time during the actual deposition JUNE 11 2005 — Attorney Anthony Ranieri testified on May 24 2005 in the Michael Jackson trial concerning his previous representation of the mother. Ranieri was the family’s personal injury lawyer who worked for the Feldman & Rothstein law firm during the JC Penney lawsuit; the same firm where Mary Holzer was a paralegal. He says he met with Janet Arvizo (Janet A.) the first time he got her call concerning the allegations against the department store in 1998. By now, you should be very family with what triggered the $3M lawsuit against JCPenney. Gavin and Star Arvizo were apparently shoplifting merchandise out of the store. They were stopped in the parking lot by security guards and an altercation ensued. It was some 9 months after the run-in with the guards that the mother sought out the law firm of Feldman & Rothstein, according to Mary Holzer’s testimony. Ranieri was able to testify because the mother fully waived her attorney-client privilege. He says Janet A. had always denied she was abused by her then-husband David Arvizo. She had always maintained to Ranieri that these bruises were from the JC Penney guards.

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