Not Guilty Verdict Sparks Media Meltdown – MJEOL Bullet #274

Not Guilty Verdict Sparks Media Meltdown – MJEOL Bullet #274 JUNE 14 2005 — A mostly white, conservative Santa Maria jury found Michael Jackson not guilty on 10 felony counts and 4 misdemeanor counts leveled against him by the prosecution in a California courtroom yesterday. Some members of the media have all but pulled their hair out on camera at a verdict that they can’t explain-away/downplay/second-guess. They can’t say he “got off” because the black jurors didn’t trust the government. There were no black jurors. They can’t say he “got off” because it was moved to liberal Los Angeles County. The defense didn’t opt to move it to another location. They have no where to go….oh but that’s not stopping them from trying. Not 2 hours after the verdict, some had already begun to look for a reason why the jury didn’t convict an innocent Jackson of the charges against him. The aptly titled “Nancy disGrace” (that’s Nancy Grace) yelled that the poor minority family didn’t stand a chance against the Jackson machine. ‘Poor minority’ my ass! This ‘poor minority family’ has connections not only to law enforcement, but also to the military. One of Janet Arvizo’s connections was a police officer she’d known for a long time before this trial. She’s also married to an army Major who makes $80,000 a year. Not to mention all of the thousands of dollars out of which they apparently defrauded celebrities. Oh yeah, boohoo for the ‘poor minority family’. If anyone had a handicap coming into this trial, it was Michael Jackson, who the media had already tried and convicted…both in 1993 and 2003…with zero evidence.