Two Jurors Change Tune to Cash-In? – MJEOL Bullet #279

Two Jurors Change Tune to Cash-In? – MJEOL Bullet #279 This, while another juror actually believed the tall tales of Gavin Arvizo AUGUST 7 2005 – “What the hell is wrong with those 2 jurors?” asked a friend of mine after hearing media reports about the shenanigans allegedly engaged in by 79 year old Eleanor Cook and 62 year old Raymond Hultman. They are the first two to get book deals, reportedly, and they are also the two who are now singing a different tune. Surprise, surprise. Meanwhile, a third juror actually believed the conflicting and unbelievable tales woven by Gavin Arvizo according to the tabloid the NY Post. According to published and broadcast reports, the two flip-flopping jurors, Cook and Hultman, are claiming Jackson is really guilty of something – after voting for acquittal…and just in time for their upcoming books. Imagine! Some in the public thought Jackson was just being overly sensitive or paranoid when he and his supporters say that people will do anything or act in any inappropriate way to make money off of him.