Traitorous Jurors Get No Love from Media, Public, Fellow Jurors – MB #280

Traitorous Jurors Get No Love from Media, Public, Fellow Jurors – MB #280
Despite the media’s discontent, they’re getting it wrong…again

AUGUST 13 2005 — The jurors who have flip-flopped seemingly for the pursuit of financial gain have found very little sympathy from the media, the public and their fellow jurors. These jurors have seemingly become the poster children from what’s wrong with the legal justice system as it relates to celebrity trials.

Besides the timing of these allegations from Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman, people are questioning the sincerity of what they allegedly believe about Michael Jackson. Even their fellow jurors are speaking out at the allegations leveled against them.

In post-trial interviews, Hultman and Cook both have said that the evidence for a conviction just was not there. Now, they’re claiming the evidence pointed towards guilt, but that they were bullied and threatened to vote not guilty. Please!

The media is already missing the plot in this, though. Although the media have rightly been openly disdainful of the actions of these two, they are still treating this situation as if ‘guilty’ was the correct verdict; acting like they are angry at the pair for not convicting Jackson. This, in itself, is ridiculous.

They got it right the first time when they voted to acquit Jackson. But a lot of media are not dissecting the story in this way. More often than not, they are not pointing out numerous contradictory statements Cook and Hultman made in post-verdict interviews. They are not bringing attention to the attitudes of these two right after the verdict.