Highlight History – Art Books Turned into “child porn” by Desperate Prosecution

Art Books Turned into ‘child porn’ by Desperate Prosecution – MB #262

Unbelievably desperate prosecutors now trying to turn two 1960s art books into “child porn”

MAY 1 2005 — Prosecutors have been scrambling in the past few days to put as much distance between Debbie Rowe’s explosive testimony and the end of their “case” as possible.

The prosecution has introduced 2 art books seized from Neverland in 1993….yeah, we’re back to 1993…again. They hope that the jury will overlook the fact that these books are legal, available for purchase, and really have nothing to do with either the 1993 allegation or the 2003 allegation.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous, the prosecution always takes it one step further. One of the books is called “The Boy: A Photographic Essay” and consists of photographs taken on the set of the classic movie Lord of the Flies.