Jackson Schemers Have Legal Problems of Their Own – MB#284

Jackson Schemers Have Legal Problems of Their Own – MB#284 September 25 2005 – The months after Michael Jackson’s acquittal have brought many interesting developments concerning those who schemed against him, tried to benefit career-wise from his legal trouble, or sought to falsely imprison him around this past trial. People including Tom Sneddon, the flip-flopping Ray Hultman, former “Jackson family friend” Stacy Brown, Janet Arvizo, Chris Carter, Ron Zonen and the XtraJet owners have all had legal problems of their own. And tabloid Diane Dimond, apparently hired specifically for the Jackson story, has been driven from Court TV and had to settle a lawsuit based on a harassment allegation which she started. All of the aforementioned people seemed to have plotted, schemed and/or taken advantage of their positions for the betterment of their own bank accounts and public notoriety. Some have brought situations on themselves that are mildly amusing given that they all participated, in their own ways, in attempts to either profit from Jackson or tried to convict Jackson. Sneddon is caught up in a $10 million prosecutorial misconduct lawsuit. Carter was allegedly involved in a robbery where he was caught on tape. The XtraJet owners are in major trouble with the feds. Arvizo’s in trouble with Los Angeles County. Brown’s caught up in a plagiarism allegation from the flip-flopping Ray Hultman. And Zonen has apparently broken the law in a non-Jackson related case.