ABC Draws Fire After Naming Bashir as Co-Anchor of Nightline – MB#285

ABC Draws Fire After Naming Bashir and McFadden as Co-Anchors of Nightline – MB #285 Decision to front Nightline with a trio of reporters, one of which is Bashir, has been roundly panned OCTOBER 25 2005 – As if independent researchers, analysts, non-conformist reporters and real investigative journalists needed more reasons to create “blogs” and fire up their podcasts, ABC just provided them with yet another. As I was perusing more drivel – this time from the Los Angeles Times in relation to Jackson’s charity single — I came upon the news that Martin Bashir and Cynthia McFadden along with Terry Moran were named as “co-anchors” of the “new” Nightline. Nightline is considered one of the last bastions of real journalism and is anchored by Ted Koppel. But the switch to turn it into a half hour copy of damn near every other ‘quick-hits’ magazine show, with the addition of a trio of anchors, has drawn the ire of many long time viewers of the show.