Trial Review: Martin Bashir, Ann Kite not Exactly Stellar Witnesses – MB #291

Trial Review: Martin Bashir, Ann Kite not Exactly Stellar Prosecution Witnesses – MB #291

DECEMBER 21 2005 — What a year we’ve all seen in the world of Michael Jackson! The end of this year shows certain members of the media continuing to nurse their depression with odd, unconfirmed and sketchy stories of Jackson’s current child custody situation, while simultaneously dreaming…hoping…praying for his financial ruin.

The world didn’t end on Dec 20 like some had predicted. One cause of that despair, the trial, started at the end of February 2005 and ended in June with a full acquittal for Jackson on every lame, logically ridiculous and physically impossible allegation brought against him.

I’m going to take a few moments to intro our trial review before getting into the actual testimony. For at least 2 years, we witnessed the maligning of his integrity, his innocence, his dignity, and his humanity.

So it was probably a big shock to these media outlets to also witness his defense team knocking-down every absurd allegation leveled against him by a set of vindictive prosecutors and the crooks who they wholeheartedly believed.

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