Trial Review: Accuser Arrogant, Testimony Unbelievable – MB#294 UPDATE

Trial Review: Accuser Arrogant, Testimony Unbelievable – MB#294 UPDATED JANUARY 2 2006 JANUARY 1 2006 — In its review of the Michael Jackson trial, MJEOL comes to the testimony of the accuser, Gavin Arvizo. Previous trial reviews have focused on the testimonies of the accuser’s brother (Star Arvizo) and sister (Davellin Arvizo), as well as stunning admissions from Ann Kite (Gabriel) and the 8th-circle-of-hell-bound Martin Bashir. Not having to solely rely on media reports about the accuser’s testimony is one of the most important means of understanding just how absurd the allegations against Jackson were. The then 15 year old Arvizo was all over the place with his testimony under cross-examination. Prosecutors tried to sell the notion that the accuser and his brother were innocent lambs who only became violent and outrageous hellions after they were contaminated by Jackson’s Neverland; “drinking” and getting “molested”. Unlike how media pundits remember, Jackson did not go to the hospital the first day of the accuser’s testimony. His testimony began right after the testimony of his younger brother, Star Arvizo, on March 9 2005. Just another example of the media remembering the way it WASN’T, instead of the way it was.