Vet Defends Jackson, Blames Business Assoc. for pay oversight – SBNP

Walk with the animals, talk with the judge: a real life Dr. Doolittle William Etling January 23, 2006 12:00 AM You heard it here first. “I’ve not talked to anybody else in the media at all,” said veterinarian Dr. Martin Dinnes, the real life Dr. Doolittle who manages Michael Jackson’s menagerie at the sprawling 2,676-acre Neverland Valley Ranch. “The animals are fine. Our dispute is all settled.” “Through all of this, all the principals, and Neverland, and MJJ, and all of Michael’s entities knew that even if I didn’t get paid,” he added, “I was going to take care of those animals.” Dr. Dinnes, who for 20 years has helped Jackson assemble and maintain his exotic zoo, was just the latest in a long line of creditors to trundle a wheelbarrow full of unpaid bills to the county courthouse when he dunned the expatriate prince of pop for $91,602.05 on Dec. 27.