Jackson denies plan to quit Bahrain

[b]Jackson denies plan to quit Bahrain[/b] By TARIQ KHONJI BAHRAIN: Pop star Michael Jackson yesterday dismissed reports that he plans to quit Bahrain for a country estate in Britain. He was reported in a British newspaper to have been making inquiries about buying a stately home in the countryside. Jackson and his three children have been staying on and off at Cliveden, in Berkshire, southern England, for the past month, said the Mail on Sunday. But a Bahrain source close to the star said yesterday that the report was untrue.

Trial Review: Karlee Barnes Testimony – MB #304

Trial Review: Karlee Barnes Testimony – MB #304 MARCH 12 2006 – Karlee Barnes, the sister of Brett Barnes, testified May 6 during the Michael Jackson false molestation allegation trial of 2005. Ms. Barnes’s testimony was ripe with information which prosecutors would have probably preferred jurors not have heard. This is the witness with whom the media fell into a form of “group-think”. These episodes of group-think seem to be completely asinine in retrospect. During her testimony, she confirmed how her family first met Jackson. And yes, the family, including Barnes, spent a lot of time talking with Jackson over the phone for years before they ever actually met face to face. If you paid attention to the overwhelming amount of media coverage, you may remember the phrase “365 nights” in relation to how much time Jackson is alleged to have allowed her brother, Brett, to sleep in his room, wherever he was, during a world tour; implying that Jackson was shacking up with some kid for a year. It was only after the testimonies of Marie and Karlee Barnes that the public found out the entire family, including their father, also traveled with Jackson during that tour and was well aware of where their children were and where they were sleeping during that period.