Lawyer defends underdogs in trials of known, unknown UPDATE

[b]Lawyer defends underdogs in trials of known, unknown[/b] Sunday, April 16, 2006 ERIC VELASCO News staff writer Reputation vs. reality Mesereau’s reputation as a celebrity lawyer began in 2001 when he helped persuade prosecutors not to charge boxer and convicted rapist Mike Tyson after another rape accusation. Mesereau also defended actor Robert Blake in pretrial hearings in his murder case, pulling off the rare feat of getting bail in a capital case. But it was Jackson’s trial that splashed Mesereau’s face daily all over the international media. Jackson fans chattered on the Web about the lawyer they dubbed “Mez.” One set up a Tom Mesereau Fan Club site, while another offered do-your-own “T-Mez” dolls.

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