Superficial Analysis Hinders Understanding of Jackson -MB #306

Superficial Analysis Hinders Understanding of Jackson MB#306 APRIL 24 2006 – #306Can Michael Jackson really be blamed for the actions of liars, shysters and criminals? The question has been a hot topic off and on at various sites and forums around the world. When approaching this analysis of Jackson, some public figures have openly and rather unfairly based their opinions on him being a “monster” that “society created”. This is a ridiculously off-base and rather superficial analysis. At times during the 2005 trial, even celebrity ‘friends’ would proclaim to know the answer to all of his troubles, and prescribed that he isolate himself from children because, after all, it’s his fault for allowing them into his home, right? Aside from the isolation theory being a shallow and incomplete solution, it is also akin to a doctor putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound and sending the patient home.