Tabloid-addicted Media Bash Jackson, Downplay Fraud Case? – MB#308

Tabloid-addicted Media Bash Jackson, Downplay Fraud Case? – MB#308 The testimony of Mercy Dee Manrriquez and signed documents prove Arvizo committed welfare fraud and perjuy MAY 21 2006 – Janet Arvizo is set to stand trial on felony charges of welfare fraud and perjury. Arvizo, the mother of the kid who made false allegations of molestation against Michael Jackson, is claiming she isn’t guilty of committing the crimes as charged. Jackson was acquitted of all charges by the conservative Santa Maria jury almost a year ago. Arvizo appeared at a court hearing Friday (May 19 2006), waived her right to a preliminary hearing, and is set for arraignment on June 21 2006. Coincidentally, her trial is about two months before the Santa Barbara DA’s office is scheduled to go on trial for allegedly committing various acts of misconduct in an unrelated case. Never one to miss an opportunity to sit around like pitiful, gossipy hens, the ‘usual suspects’ – Jim Moret, Harvey Levin and Diane Dimond — appeared on Nancy (dis)Grace’s show to regurgitate damn near every unfounded or unsubstantiated piece of non-news they could find with the name ‘Jackson’ attached to it.