Media Still Refusing to Accept the Truth a Year after Acquittal? – MB#309 UPDATE

JUNE 14 2006 – I have never been one to depend on the media to accurately report or review anything concerning Michael Jackson.  With yesterday (June 13 2006) being the one year anniversary of Jackson’s vindication by a non-black, conservative Santa Maria jury, I didn’t really expect the media to spend any time acknowledging the day.

Imagine my surprise as I flipped to MSNBC and caught a segment of the Allison Stewart-hosted show “The Most” where they mentioned the one year mark.  Since justice was served without a media-hoped-for “guilty” verdict, I expected to see a shallow, half-assed and rather short “review” of events about the trial. 

I was not disappointed.  It’s quite clear that some are still in total denial about the truth of the trial, and the truth of what was revealed about the allegations in court.

In the very few minutes discussed about the topic, Stewart and her guest — a male Access Hollywood bobblehead reporter — did everything but talk about the TRIAL.