Absent Jackson is Still A Presence

[b]Absent Jackson is Still A Presence[/b] BY MICHAEL J. TITTINGER Daily Press Staff Writer … Jackson’s camp contends Schaffel was a glorified “gopher” who had no experience in the music industry, with Mundell indicating it would be preposterous to allow him to produce such a complicated recording session that included in upwards of 20 major label recording artists. “Michael Jackson is a trusting, gullible, almost childlike man,” said Mundell, explaining that a slew of advisors surround the entertainer to protect the forgetful genius. “He’s a hard guy to take advantage of… but if you want to rip off Michael Jackson, the way to do it is get close to him. You have to become his friend.” Mundell claims Schaffel befriended Jackson, then took advantage of that trust by demanding reimbursements and repayment of loans of which Jackson was not aware.

Attorney: Schaffel fraudulent shuffled funds from Jackson accounts

[b]Jury in Michael Jackson civil suit sees star’s video testimony[/b] LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press … Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas C. Mundell, contended in his statement that the pop star is famously forgetful and he charged that Schaffel fraudulently shuffled funds from Jackson’s accounts to his own pocket and billed Jackson for expenses when he no longer worked for him. A detailed forensic accounting of Jackson’s books would show that Schaffel actually owes Jackson money, Mundell said. Vast amounts of money delivered to Jackson by Schaffel were actually wire transfers from other people and not money that Schaffel paid out of his own funds, the attorney said. Schaffel is a meticulous record keeper, saving receipts for every penny spent, but has no receipts to show money delivered or obtained from Jackson, Mundell said, showing the jury expensed receipts submitted by Schaffel that included $5.17 spent at a Taco Bell and $2.11 spent at a 7-Eleven for Advil. “The evidence will show Mr. Schaffel should have left well enough alone,” said Mundell. “He could have gotten away with a chunk of money from Michael Jackson … but he sued for several million dollars.”