Tavasci Testifies in Jackson Civil Trial – MB#311

Tavasci Testifies in Jackson Civil Trial – MB#311 JULY 5 2006 – Evvy Tavasci testified June 30 2006 in the civil trial now taking place involving Marc Schaffel. Both Jackson and Schaffel are suing each other. Schaffel claims Jackson owes him over $3M. Jackson says Schaffel owes him money, engaged in self-serving side-dealing, kept false books of account, “concealed funds, commingled funds, misappropriated funds,” and wrongly profited from being associated with him (Jackson counter-sues former aid). Schaffel’s attorney is still presenting what little case he has. However, due to time scheduling conflicts, the Judge allowed Jackson attorney Thomas Mundell to call Evvy Tavasci to the stand early. Tavasci has known Jackson for 15 years. She became Jackson’s executive administrator and personal assistant in 1993. Though her contact with Jackson was “episodic”, she says Jackson is creative but he “doesn’t maintain a good memory for facts day to day” (pg 5 of Partial Court Transcript, lines 12-13).