Jackson defense in lawsuit targets plaintiff’s backdated checks

Posted on Mon, Jul. 10, 2006 [b]Jackson defense in lawsuit targets plaintiff’s backdated checks[/b] LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press SANTA MONICA, Calif. – In the days after being fired by Michael Jackson, former associate F. Marc Schaffel rushed to issue 18 backdated checks totaling $784,000, the pop star’s attorney showed Monday. Schaffel, who is suing Jackson for $1.6 million, testified in Superior Court that he wrote the checks for items including prepayment of $54,000 in rent on his home, prepayment of utilities and phone bills, and reimbursement for expenses such as camera rentals after he received the termination letter on Nov. 15, 2001. Showing Schaffel one of the checks, Jackson attorney Thomas Mundell said, “And you dated it Nov. 14 because you knew if you dated it after that you would run into problems because of the termination?” “Yes,” said Schaffel. Mundell asked, “Isn’t it true you falsified books and records to try to get as much money as possible from Mr. Jackson before your termination?”

Jackson begs to differ over cash claims

7-8-06 [b]Jackson begs to differ over cash claims[/b] By Michael J. Tittinger Daily Press Staff Writer SM COURTHOUSE — The defense of Michael Jackson began in earnest on Friday in the $1.6 million lawsuit brought against the entertainer by a former associate, a day highlighted by bizarre twists such as cash loans smelling of French fries and a $1 million gift given by the singer to late actor Marlon Brando. The jury began the day watching hours of videotaped testimony by Jackson, who repeatedly said he couldn’t remember the details, financial or otherwise, of his dealings with F. Marc Schaffel, a former producer of adult films. Schaffel, who claims he was empowered to negotiate creative projects for Jackson in return for a percentage of the profits, was let go in 2001 after Jackson learned he was involved in the adult entertainment business. He then was back on the scene in 2003 and claims he is due unpaid royalties from a pair of TV specials.

Pathetic Accusations from Schaffel as his Case Crumbles – MB#312

Pathetic Accusations from Schaffel as his Case Crumbles – MB#312 JULY 10 2006 – Marc Schaffel’s testimony in the suit/countersuit civil trial against Michael Jackson held in Santa Monica, California left much to be desired. Particularly, any type of verified documentation showing that he gave Jackson any loans anywhere near the amount he initially claimed he did. After a key ruling from the judge in the case, and probably seeing that Jackson’s attorney was tearing their “case” to shreds, Schaffel and his attorney slashed the amount of money they are trying to get by more than half. Now Schaffel only wants $1.6 million instead of the $3.8 million he originally sought. The attorney cross-examining Schaffel on Jackson’s behalf cornered Schaffel about monies he allegedly gave to Jackson. Possibly seeing his case crumble before his eyes, Schaffel played the ‘boy’ card by making an asinine, last minute allegation of helping Jackson adopt boys in Brazil. You can’t make this stuff up, people!