Princess Diana Driver NOT Drunk on Night of Crash – UK Daily Express

[b]Diana: Scandal of Body Mix-up[/b] 25/09/06 The U.K. Daily Express Online BUNGLING French officials mistook the body of Princess Diana’s lover for her driver in the hours after the fatal crash. The astonishing development, revealed for the first time by the Daily Express today, is one of a catalogue of blunders which plunged the inquiry into chaos from day one. Professor Dominique Lecomte – the pathologist who faces an investigation over the mix-up – registered driver Henri Paul with the number 2146. But this had already been assigned to Dodi Fayed’s body and Paul should have been given number 2147. The numbers were scribbled on bracelets attached to the right wrists of each corpse. Lawyers and medics fear blood samples which were said to prove that Paul was high on drink and drugs may in fact belong to someone not connected to the crash.

Jackson Custody Dispute Goes Public

[b]Jackson Custody Dispute Goes Public[/b] Wednesday, September 6, 2006 By Jessica Garrison Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Starting Wednesday, Michael Jackson will figure in another legal circus — this one centering on attempts by Los Angeles Superior Court officials to show that celebrities and other rich people can’t buy special treatment from the legal system when they have business disputes or want to get divorced. For years, Jackson’s custody battle with ex-wife Deborah Rowe seemed to illustrate the opposite point. Despite the media firestorm that accompanied the pop star when he was tried and acquitted last year on child-molestation charges, he managed to keep the custody dispute largely out of the public eye. He did so by hiring a private judge — a service that celebrities and rich people regularly use.