Raymone Bain: Keeper of the Famed

[i]By Teresa Wiltz Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 8, 2006; Page D01[/i] [b]A Veteran Player in Politics, Sports and Entertainment, Publicist Raymone Bain Is at the Top of Her Game. Is She Up to Managing Michael Jackson?[/b] Michael Jackson is going to call — from wherever he happens to be at the moment, which is a bit of a mystery. He’s going to talk about Raymone Bain, the Washington publicist who has just become his general manager. But no . . . he’s not going to call. A personal assistant delivers this news on a patched-in transcontinental phone line. Jackson would rather converse through a different type of technological apparatus — one that doesn’t require actually speaking. Jackson wants to talk by fax. But no . . . the fax machine is broken. So two days later, Jackson’s assistant e-mails his answers to questions posed to him by The Washington Post. Questions about why he’s decided to put Bain — a woman who’d been mysteriously fired and then rehired in the midst of Jackson’s 2005 child abuse trial– in charge of his new company.