Billy Bush (Access Hollywood) Meets Michael Jackson

Access Hollywood Billy’s Blog: Michael Jackson Exclusive (October 15, 2006) [gallery]4[/gallery] [i]Click for larger view[/i] It’s half past four in the morning and I’m making my way to Dublin with Ray. I have spent a fair amount of time in the back of Ray’s car in the last 34 hours. He is the driver, henchman for Paddy who owns the recording studio in the middle of no man’s land, Ireland. Not only is it a quaint studio built inside the grounds of an old stone classic Irish estate…it’s the new creative home of Michael Jackson. And yes, I just conducted the first interview with Michael Jackson since he left the United States in June 2005. First off, let me tell you what this interview is not: It is not a bare all, rehashing of that period of his life. I was prepared to ask him all the questions in the world regarding mistakes made and lessons learned, but trust me, he was not. He asked if 5 minutes of rolling tape was ok in the studio while he “collaborated” with Will I AM from the Black Eyed Peas. Ultimately, We rolled for about 40 minutes and I did ask him questions about music and his thoughts for making a comeback.