Art Montandon Moves On

[b]John Sterling, Art Montandon move on[/b] The rest of the story Catch up with five years’ worth of news BY SUN STAFF [b]Date: 03/31/2005[/b] The last time the Sun sat down with either former Santa Maria City Attorney Art Montandon or former Santa Maria Police Chief John Sterling, we had a tangled web on our hands. Suffice it to say that this web spanned two cities between 1996 and early 2004 and involved a purported videotape, a massage parlor, the District Attorney, alleged bribes, and other conspiracy theories. (To read the whole story, which ran on Jan. 29, 2004, visit Santa Maria has picked up the pieces after both Sterling and Montandon retired from their positions-Sterling in mid 2003 and Montandon in late 2004.