Auction House Receives Hearing Notice from Jackson Attorneys – MiniB#38

Auction House Receives Hearing Notice from Jackson Attorneys – MiniBullet #38 MAY 11 2007 – The auction house planning to sell Michael Jackson’s memorabilia — allegedly sold illegally by Henry Vaccaro — has received a hearing notice to appear in court early next week. According to a press release from Universal Express, both it and the auction house Guernsey’s have received word that Jackson intends to fight for property belonging to him which was supposed to be excluded from an original court proceeding which caused this mess in the first place. How did this happen? Other members of the Jackson family, excluding Michael and Janet, got involved in a bankruptcy issue years ago with the storage of number of family items and memorabilia at a storage facility. Among those items was property belonging to Michael and Janet Jackson. Vaccaro was “a creditor of one or more members” of the Jackson family “who were previously subject to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding”. However, Vaccaro is not and has never been a “creditor” of Michael Jackson’s. Again, Michael and Janet were not part of the bankruptcy proceeding. Did that matter to Vaccaro? Hell no, because he up and sold it all; particularly the items belonging to Michael and Janet probably because those items fetched a higher price. What’s worse is that he reportedly sold it after being ordered by the judge in that proceeding not to sell items belonging to third parties. Woops!