Michael Jackson press conference

VIDEO: Courtney Hazlett talks about Twitter Response

Michael Jackson press conferenceMSNBC’s Courtney Hazlett talking about checking her Twitter page and getting comment after comment supporting Michael Jackson’s upcoming live performances.

Apparently they were hearing a lot of feedback from people who didn’t like the stank-attitude of Countessa Brewer and some of the other female hosts during their previous on-air allegedly “witty banter” about the subject MJ.

Despite continued misnformation which was repeated today by many tv anchors, believe it or not, the following vid was one of the ‘better’ (if you can call it that) exchanges on MSNBC.

Watch video now:


Reuters: Up to 2,000 fans attend Jackson Press Conference

(Reuters) – I confess I’m moderately impressed that the original “King of Pop” still has what it takes to get fans less than half his age screaming and crying with just a few well-chosen words.

Fifty-year-old Michael Jackson was at London’s 20,000-seater O2 Arena on Thursday to announce his comeback, a series of 10 concerts starting on July 8 and possibly more if demand is there.


Officials: Only Buy Jackson Tickets from Official Vendors

Michael Jackson London O2 Arena ticket warning issued

Sites are already offering packages to see Jackson live

The Association Of Secondary Ticket Agents (ASTA) has issued a warning about bogus tickets to see Michael Jackson at the London O2 Arena this summer going on sale.

Jackson is making an announcement at the O2 Arena complex later today (March 5), and is expected to announce details of a summer residency at the venue.

However, some websites have already been offering tickets to the shows, despite none being announced yet, prompting the ASTA to issue a warning to punters.

“We are warning people not to buy tickets that are not yet on sale because it is unlikely that they will receive those tickets,” ASTA chief Graham Burns told BBC 6music.