20,000 attend sold out Concert in Nanjing, China

(dongbanger.com) – TVXQ performed at Olympic Stadium in Nanjing, China in front of 20,000 screaming fans for the first time on April 4. By all reports, the concert was a smashing success.

Each member also wowed the crowd with solo performances. Junsu was joined by fellow label member ‘Key’ from the group SHINee during his performance. Meanwhile, Yunho made the crowd go crazy sharing a faked kiss with a female performer during his solo.

The two and a half hour performance was met with a 10 minute standing ovation from the impressed crowd of 20,000.

The list of songs included their #1 hit songs like Mirotic, Rising Sun and Purple Line as well as other songs from their number one albums.

Gossip Monger Roger Friedman Gets Fired?

In classic gossip-columnist style, Roger Friedman has for more than a decade raised hackles, nursed grudges, launched vendettas, staged bitch-fests and also broken news in his entertainment column for Fox News, Fox411.

He made plenty of enemies in the process. But Friedman finally did himself in this weekend when he boasted on his blog that he had downloaded the leaked copy of the upcoming blockbuster “Wolverine” and reviewed it in advance — an act of  piracy that the company could not tolerate.

“Right now, my ‘cousins’ at 20th Century Fox are probably having apoplexy,” he blithely wrote in the post, since removed. “But everyone can relax. I am, in fact, amazed about how great Wolverine turned out. It exceeds expectations at every turn. I was completely riveted to my desk chair in front of my computer.”

As a veteran of the world of hard-nosed publicity barter, Friedman probably figured he could squirm out of an uncomfortable situation by praising the film.

Turns out Friedman was working out of an old playbook. The decision to terminate him was made over the weekend, a News Corp executive confirmed. “It’s a matter of principle,” said the executive.