Jackson Lupus Diagnosis Puts New View on Meds Story – Bullet#334

Dr. Arnold Klein, the dermatologist treating Michael Jackson,  has confirmed that Jackson not only had vitiligo but he also had a difficult disorder called Lupus.

Klein appeared on ABC and later Larry King Live to discuss a number of issues. He flat-out slapped down the rumor that Jackson was bleaching his skin and even laid a bombshell about former Jackson “friend” Uri Geller’s connection to Martin Bashir. More on that one in the days to come.

The doctor’s revelations come after he became the target of tabloids (glorified tabloids and otherwise)  looking for reasons (real or not) to fuel speculation about Jackson’s death.

Among other things, Klein told King he diagnosed Jackson with Lupus after a friend of Jackson’s recommended him.

“I said ‘you have Lupus erythematosus’, ” Klein said. “Lupus yet. He had a butterfly rash and he also had severe crusting on the anterior portion of his scalp.”