FBI: LAPD Attempted to Prosecute Jackson with Racist Law in 1993

FBI File Reveals Attempt to Convict Jackson with Racist Law

Documents contained in Michael Jackson’s FBI file show that the LAPD tried to prosecute the star under the same legislation used in the past to smear black luminaries such as Jack Johnson and Chuck Berry.

Records show that the LAPD contacted the FBI on 7th September 1993 to ask whether the bureau would assist in the prosecution of Michael Jackson under the Mann Act.

The Mann Act, also known as the ‘White Slavery Act’, was introduced in 1910. Allowing officers to make arrests on the vague premise of ‘immoral behaviour’, the law was frequently used to smear black men, particularly those who consorted with white women.

Jack Johnson, the world’s first black Heavyweight Boxing Champion, was the first person to be prosecuted under the act. In fact, Geoffrey C Ward writes in his book ‘Unforgivable Blackness’ that the potential to smear Johnson had been one of the primary motivating factors behind the introduction of the law.