Friedman Kicked to the Curb by Fox [CONFIRMED]

Roger Friedman, the longtime Fox News online columnist, is no longer working for the news organization after eviewing a pirated version of the X-Men sequel “Wolverine.”

“Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately,” Fox News said in statement Monday. “Fox News appreciates Mr. Friedman’s ten years of contributions to building and wishes him success in his future endeavors. Mr. Friedman is grateful to his colleagues for their friendship and support over the past decade.”

Two Web sites, The Huffington Post and Gawker, reported that Friedman was scheduled to meet this morning with Roger Ailes, the Fox News chief, and John Moody, his executive vice president for editorial, to plead his case for keeping his job and online column “Fox 411.”

Gossip Monger Roger Friedman Gets Fired?

In classic gossip-columnist style, Roger Friedman has for more than a decade raised hackles, nursed grudges, launched vendettas, staged bitch-fests and also broken news in his entertainment column for Fox News, Fox411.

He made plenty of enemies in the process. But Friedman finally did himself in this weekend when he boasted on his blog that he had downloaded the leaked copy of the upcoming blockbuster “Wolverine” and reviewed it in advance — an act of  piracy that the company could not tolerate.

“Right now, my ‘cousins’ at 20th Century Fox are probably having apoplexy,” he blithely wrote in the post, since removed. “But everyone can relax. I am, in fact, amazed about how great Wolverine turned out. It exceeds expectations at every turn. I was completely riveted to my desk chair in front of my computer.”

As a veteran of the world of hard-nosed publicity barter, Friedman probably figured he could squirm out of an uncomfortable situation by praising the film.

Turns out Friedman was working out of an old playbook. The decision to terminate him was made over the weekend, a News Corp executive confirmed. “It’s a matter of principle,” said the executive.

Nancy Grace is OUT at Court TV

Nancy Grace Is Exiting Court TV By Anne Becker — Broadcasting & Cable, 5/8/2007 8:52:00 AM Nancy Grace, whose show, Closing Arguments, was being cut from two hours to one as part of a general network overhaul, will stay at Court through the summer and will keep her show on co-owned net, Headline News. Grace said she was leaving the network after 10 years to focus on her headline show and outside activities.

Is Rolling Stone gathering moss? – Chicago Tribune

[b]Is Rolling Stone gathering moss?[/b] By Mark Caro Tribune entertainment reporter No Prince, but, hey, they’ve got Stewart Brand! I just picked up the thick, snazzy The Fortieth Anniversary edition of Rolling Stone, a magazine I read religiously when it was closer to its 15th anniversary. To commemorate, the magazine conducted interviews with 20 “artists and leaders who helped shape our time.” And they are Bob Dylan, Jimmy Carter, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe, Bob Weir, Patti Smith, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Bill Moyers, George McGovern, Stewart Brand, Michael Moore, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jackson Browne and Neil Young. I generally try to avoid the politics of representation, but this list makes Rolling Stone’s worldview appear rather, um, monochromatic.

Crier Canned at Court TV; Show cancelled

Court TV Cancels Crier Court TV has cancelled legal news show Catherine Crier Live after a seven-year run. The star’s contract was up and the network wants to fill more of its schedule with the entertainment shows it programs in prime. Staffers were informed today at a 3:00 p.m. meeting. The show, which premiered in January 2000, clashes with Court’s new stepped-up focus on unscripted drama. In March, Court announced it will ditch its name and change its programming under a rebrand slated to take effect Jan. 1, 2008.

Steve Harvey No. 1 Among Urban Stations, No. 5 in America

Steve Harvey’s radio show No. 1 among urban stations March 19, 2007 BY LARRY McSHANE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW YORK — Steve Harvey arrived 18 months ago in the kingdom of the radio shock jocks, where the royalty included Howard Stern, Don Imus and Opie and Anthony. The “King of Comedy” surveyed the raunchy landscape and launched his morning drive-time show with some trepidation. “I was concerned about it,” Harvey said recently after finishing his four-hour weekday show at WBLS-FM. “But I am who I am. I can’t stop being who I am. I’m not a mean-spirited guy.”

Fired Santa Barbara News-Press Staffers Plan Continued Protests

[b]Fired Santa Barbara Staffers Plan Continued Protests[/b] By Joe Strupp Published: February 12, 2007 10:55 AM ET NEW YORK It appears that last week’s string of firings at the Santa Barbara News-Press has not stopped ongoing protests of the embattled paper as the six fired employees, and others, announce plans to continue their campaign against the daily with regular protests this week. After losing their jobs for placing a protest banner over a freeway that urged a boycott of the paper, the six employees, along with two others fired earlier in the months-long dispute, say they will hold daily protests in front of the paper and at other locations around the city this week, with the first set for early this morning.